Next meeting

The next meeting of Woolhope Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 23rd July 2019 at the Parish Hall, starting at 7.30pm.  Please see the Council documents page for a copy of the agenda approximately three days before the meeting.

Parish Councillor Vacancies

Declaration of Vacancy

Councillor Keith Williams has resigned as a parish councillor, resulting in a casual vacancy.    Local electors may now, if they so wish, request that an election takes place.  A copy of the notice of vacancy can be found below, and on notice boards.

Notice of Vacancy

If no request for election is received by Wednesday 17th July, the Parish Council is free to co-opt someone to fill that vacancy.

At the local elections held in May this year, there were insufficient candidates to fill all the vacancies which means that there is one vacancy that can now be filled by co-option.

In total therefore, there are two vacancies.   If you would like to be considered as a Parish Councillor, please contact the Parish Clerk on 07977675456 or email her at  Details of how to be co-opted can be found below.

To become a parish councillor you must be:

  • At least 18 years old on the day of your nomination, and
  • A British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any other member state of the European Union

You must also meet at least one of the following four qualifications:

  • You are, and will continue to be, registered as a local government elector for the parish in which you wish to stand from the day of your nomination onwards, or
  • You have occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in the parish area during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election, or
  • Your main or only place of work during the 12 months prior to the day of your nomination and the day of election has been in the parish area, or
  • You have lived in the parish area of within three miles of it during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election

Disqualifications from standing

There are certain people who are disqualified from being elected to a parish or community council in England and Wales.

You cannot be a candidate if at the time of your nomination and on the day of the election:

  • You are employed by the parish council or hold a paid office under the parish/community council (including joint boards or committees), or
  • You are the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order, or
  • You have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three months or more (including a suspended sentence), without the option of a fine, during the five years before polling day, or
  • You have been disqualified under the Representation of the People Act 1983 (which covers corrupt or illegal electoral practices and offences relating to donations) or under the Audit Commission Act 1998.

How to apply to be co-opted to the Parish Council

If you would like to be considered for co-option to the Council, please contact the Parish Clerk.  You will need to meet the criteria above and will be asked to give a brief presentation to the parish council outlining your skills and what you can bring to the parish council and to the parish.  Parish Councillors will then vote if you receive a majority of votes, you will be co-opted to the parish council.

More about your Parish Council

The Parish Council is made up of a maximum of 8 Councillors and a part time Clerk.   The Council usually meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month (excluding July and December) in the meeting room at the Parish Hall at 7.30 p.m. – check the Events Calendar for future dates.

Notification of meetings plus agenda can always be found at least three days prior on the parish notice boards. Click here to read the Meeting Information page.
All Woolhope parishioners are invited to attend those meetings. There is usually a short period allocated at the start of the meeting for parishioners to raise any items or issues with councillors, which will usually be added to the agenda of the next meeting for formal discussion.   After that slot, parishioners are invited to stay and listen without disrupting the meeting.   To include something as an agenda item for the meeting, please contact the Clerk at least two weeks before the meeting date.
Parishioners can also raise issues for discussion through the Clerk in writing, or through the contact the council  form on this site.
What we do
The Parish Council is a non-political body and represents the grass roots of local government. It has a diverse range of decision making powers and responsibilities including
    • Considering planning applications
    • Maintaining and waymarking public footpaths and bridleways
    • Maintenance of verges and ditches, including maintenance and conservation of Broadmoor Common
  • Providing litter bins, some seats and benches, plus the two main village noticeboards